Mrs. Moon Lullabies for Bedtime. And Crafters.

I have yet to figure out why for most lullaby books, the illustrations seem to be an afterthought. I suppose the justification is that if the words are effective enough, the kids eyes will be shut? Or something. Not so Clare Beaton’s Mrs. Moon: Lullabies for Bedtime. Here lyrics to bedtime tunes you know, and plenty you don’t, come to life with the fabric artist’s incredible creations. Even kids too young to focus on the words for long will enjoy gazing at the button-eyed felt owls, lacy angels and sequined mermaid.

The accompanying CD is surprisingly decent, featuring Dana Kletter’s sweet voice (which reminded me a bit of Tori Amos) backed by acoustic instruments and some not-too-annoying harmonies. Skip Goodnight Moon and bring a copy of this to your next baby shower. –Liz