Over the Rabbit Moon

As I was perusing the selection of fall boys clothes at my regular haunts I noticed one overwhelming commonality: Unless you’re into super duper trendy duds or have a taste for the alternative, artsy stuff, the regular boy clothes are pretty darn cheesy. Just give me a nice sturdy shirt with a single airplane or whatever, and no goofy slogans!

That’s what you’ll find in the fall collection from Rabbit Moon. If it feels familiar it’s probably because Rabbit Moon is a division of Le Top. Their boy’s line is a fantastic combination of stylish and simple, with basic motifs and patterns that make it perfect for everyday playwear.  Find them at boutiques near you or online  Peekaboo Kids.

The prices are higher than what I might generally pay for clothes that my son will put through the ringer, but they’re extremely well made. That means he can do what boys seem to do to their clothes and I won’t be tossing them out before the end of the season. To me, that’s golden. -Kristen