The Best Combination that Dado Squares Make? Kids + Imagination

“Oh my”, I thought,”these look like a bunch of colorful floppy discs.  What in the world are the kids going to do with these?”

Silly mommy. Don’t you see that they easily fit together and make…a rocket ship that I can fly around the house?  A s-u-p-e-r long diving board?  A tall skyscraper? 
A parking garage for a dozen little cars?

my kids can see the possibilities. They have taken to the Dado
Squares like mini architects, fitting the pieces together into an array
of buildings, vehicles and 3D whatnots. They don’t have
to know that they are learning concepts such as “spatial development”
(good thing, since I don’t think I could explain it).  But I love how involved they are with this simple toy made right here in the USA  by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Of course we love the previously reviewed Dado Cubes too. Ah, my little Frank Lloyd Wrights. –Christina