A tree grows in Brooklyn. And becomes eco-friendly kids’ furniture.

Children's furniture by April HannahSearching for just the right children’s furniture always seems a challenge. You don’t want anything too adult, or too baby-ish either. You want something as beautiful as the rest of your decor, and if you’re going to invest in quality children’s furniture, you don’t want it outgrown before the kid’s fourth birthday either.

Well feast your eyes on the exquisite kids’ table and chairs by
Brooklyn designer and clever mom, April Hannah.

Not only is this children’s furniture made
from sustainable and safe materials like soy glue and non-toxic water-based finish, it’s a modern marvel of cool, inspired by the designer’s own children’s needs.
With pops of sky blue, grass green, or stark white against dark or light wood, the collection is both
modern and whimsical.

april hannah children's furnitureThe Tree Collection has either a round table with interlocking stools, or a desk with stools featuring a smart wood pocket underneath
for storage. (A secret compartment, according to my girls.) If you look carefully, the table legs themselves look li

ke a glorious tree, reminiscent of the materials themselves.

I find both sets offer a much needed solution to toddler
tables that kids outgrow fast. The surface of these
tables is larger than toddler tables and a little taller, making it great for preschoolers and grade-schoolers alike. While it’s an investment for sure, you can use it for years to come.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010I can see my kids having a lot of fun with the children’s table even when they’re not drawing on it; pretending
they’re in the woods, maybe the table is their tree house… perhaps
they’re fairies or birds or squirrels or, even more likely, Dora.  –Elizabeth

Find the beautiful eco-friendly children’s furniture online at April Hannah, and email April for purchase inquiries.