Light switch plates – the most neglected part of your child’s room decor

robot light switch plateMy friend tells me she’s looking for some robot-themed stuff for her baby boy’s room and I start poking around Etsy for her. Next thing you know, I’m drooling over these robot light switch plates from Robot Candy. One is cooler than the next, from the classic 50s robot to the kitschy Japanese telephone robot to the storybook quality of the Italian Nando Robot. (At least I think it’s Italian. Is it?)

Each one is handmade by the Portland based shop out of a recycled light switch plate and vintage art. And if robots aren’t your thing for some crazy reason, look around the shop. Pretty much everything there is fabulous. –Liz

Find vintage light switch plates from the Robot Candy Etsy shop or at RobotCandy.com