The coolest thing to happen to pictures since flip books

Remember when we were kids and there were books with ridgy plastic covers where the picture seemed to move? I had one where a fish appeared to swim across the cover. I thought it was magic. Snapily allows you to make those,
except with your own pictures, and in the application of your choice-a postcard, notebook, invitation or note card to send to camp or Grandma’s house in time for her birthday.

Combine the before and after photos of that time the baby bit into a lemon, or juxtapose pictures of your son and daughter or you and your sigOth. Some of the designs are a little over the top (like those t-shirt booths at amusement parks where they have your head in a heart-shaped hole with a background of giant lips or something) so stick with the simple templates.

And I don’t really care what Snapily says about how they do the flip effect; I still think it’s magic.

Start creating your own very cool photo cards
at Snapily.