Nesting with beautiful throw pillows

dove pillowWe all should know by now that birds are the new black. Or maybe the old black? It’s hard to say. But I’d imagine that looking back on this decade, we’ll equate bird motifs with the french poodles from the 50’s and happy faces from the 70’s.

I find something quite lovely about the silkscreened bird pillows from the popular California Etsy shop, Joom. There’s pretty much a color and style for everyone, whether you’re a fan of hummingbirds, hoot owls, or the graphic dove seen here, with a trail of petals streaming behind it.

Toss one on an old sofa to give it new life, or add one of the affordable mini pillows to the glider in the baby’s room. May it bring peace to your nursery–especially at 3AM. –Liz

Find bird pillows plus totes and lovely wall art online at Joom.