They’re shakin’ in Chicago, we’re dancing over here

Thaddeus Rex’s latest CD, Shakin’ in Chicago, is for parents and kids who have moved beyond sugar-sweet versions of You Are My Sunshine. (Read:
all of us). T. Rex has a unique voice and rocks the acoustic guitar in a way that reminded me of the Violent Femmes, if the Femmes had sung cheerful pop-n-rock music for kids with songs like I Still Love Cookies and Dinosaur Living Inside My Head.

The songs are smart, funny, catchy and all those things I pretty much want in my children’s music. I found myself trying to sing along with the powerful voice of Koko Taylor on the title song, Shakin’ in Chicago. And, I still get all verklempt listening to the big brothers’ ode, I’ll Always Follow You, which won a John Lennon Song Writing Contest Grand Prize. What really struck my motherly heart, though, was listening to the uplifting The Stream, which was written by a 10-year-old who won T Rex’s Write Like a Rock Star songwriting contest.

Kids music?  Yes. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening even after t

he kids are on their way to school. –Christina

Congratulations to Holly F, winner of a copy of Shakin’ in Chicago!