To the moon, little adventurers

It’s really nice to see a different kind of illustrator lend her talents to childrens clothes–one that seems more suited to a Caldecott winning book than a local flea market with the table between the funnel cakes and the guy with the batteries in the Spanish packaging.

The 100% cotton clothes from designer/artist Kimberly Owen of the new label Moonfly Kids are whimsical, charming, and made for exploring, with a comfy fit, ample pockets, and imagery that helps tell the story of adventurer Owen and his friend Chimley the monkey who capture the moon and turn it into a hot air balloon. Sound like the makings of a children’s book? Indeed it is. In fact you can get a gift pack featuring the soft-cover book (great graphics!) and a cool little I am the Captain of My Imagination tee all packaged in a really wonderful “adventurer” bag.

Just make sure your kid looks both ways when crossing the street before heading out to explore the universe –Liz

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Congratulations to Moonfl

y Kids gift pack winner, Sandy D!