Desktop bookshelves – Hold the tools and the glue

Handmade wooden desktop bookshelvesThe piles of books and catalogs on our desks around here have gotten completely out of control, and with another official reader in our house, I only foresee more clutter in our future. So that’s why I’m digging these desktop bookshelves from Ecolok.

These simple handmade shelves are exactly what I need to keep things in order.
They require no tools or glue, thank goodness, and because they’re
unfinished, you can even turn them into a cool little project and have
your kiddos paint or decorate them.

Use them
for books on a child’s first desk, or the ridiculous pile of DVDs that always seem to end up
stuffed haphazardly in a cupboard somewhere. For just $22, what’s not to
love? -Kristen

Check out the cool wooden desktop bookshelves at the Ecolok Etsy shop.