On April 16, shove those tax papers where the sun won’t shine

Knock Knock File FoldersNo matter how I fare in the annual rite of Tax Reporting, on April 16 I cannot wait to get rid of all the papers and receipts and do-dads I’ve had to hold on to for a year. A bonfire would be nice, but I’m not that rebellious, so instead I’ll just be a little naughty with Knock Knock’s cheeky File Folders.

With three folders in each set, I should be able to ram all my tax detritus where the sun won’t shine and file piles of paper away in minutes. Organizing paperwork never felt so satisfying.

Depending on how much you’re paying out this year, you may chose to go for trio of folders labeled Total Crap/Other Crap/More Crap. Or, in honor of the upcoming Earth Day, simply stuff your papers into Dead Trees/Wasted Paper/Future Landfill. I also love the files with a checklist for how you feel, so you can decide to separate those pages that make you happy, like paycheck stubs and memorable expense reports– from those that piss you off, like your accountant’s bill.

Either way, just get that paperwork off the
desk and out of the way, if for no other reason than April 15, 2011 will be here before you know it. Gah. -Christina

Choose from eight different styles of File Folders to fit your mood at Knock Knock.