Write appointments inside the lines, and then color outside of them

2010 wall calendar from Daisy JanieLike a field covered in a fresh blanket of snow or the top of a just-opened jar of peanut butter, there is something so exciting to me about having a fresh beginning. So I am giddy every January when I get to crack out a new calendar, all unmarked and clean, just waiting to be filled with the stuff that fills my life.

You can imagine if an ordinary calendar inspires such glee how I feel about the new 2010 large wall calendar from Daisy Janie that gives tons of room to organize your family’s schedule, but also helps you coordinate things like phone calls and shopping lists. But what’s special about this one is that it’s surrounded by original, mod, black and white designs that just beg to be colored in.

During conference calls. Ahem.

And, because using non-eco-friendly materials is so 2004, I’m thrilled to see that these calendars are made with 100% post-consumer processed, chlorine-free, recycled coverstock and are printed with soy ink. So pencil in a date to order this awesome calendar. Or just do it t

oday. -Betsy

Buy your 2010 wall calendar at DaisyJanie, where all calendars are currently 30% off

Congratulations to Sharon B., lucky winner of a 2010 large wall calendar from Daisy Janie!