Organic kids pajamas that might bring more pleasant dreams

Why my kids have an obsession with sleepwear and pajamas I’m not entirely sure, but yep, obsessed pretty much sums it up. Over the years, I’ve learned to invest a little more in their pjs because I find the cheap stuff stretches and loses elasticity and pills and generally doesn’t hold up for long at all. Especially considering how often my kids want to wear them.

I’m so happy to find the brand new line of kids pajamas–er, loungewear–from Skylar Luna. Made by super eco-conscious California designer Wen C. Reese, you’ll find both summer-ready short sets and long pajama sets (sorry, loungewear), all with really tasteful, sophisticated, but kid-friendly designs. The fabric is a super high quality Turkish organic cotton and I love that they’re made in Reese’s own family’s factory.

We gave Skylar Luna a test run and my kids raved about how soft and comfy they were. (My five year-old also asked to wear them to school.)

skylar luna kids loungewear

skylar luna kids loungewear

skylar luna kids loungewear

skylar luna kids loungewear

ksylar luna pajamas

The prices aren’t mall store cheap, but in the $30 range, they’re way more affordable

than I was expecting for such beautiful quality. Especially with the sweet little reusable linen bag they each come in.

Sizes run from 12m to 8T. And I know that legally, makers of organic loungewear (i.e., PJs not doused in fire “retardant” chemicals) are obliged to tell you that they’re meant to be worn tight and fit super close to the body. But I’m only under a mom obligation, so I’ll tell you if you find your kid is between sizes and you order up, you’ll be happy that she gets to wear them that much longer. –Liz

Find beautiful organic kids pajamas (or loungewear) for babies, boys and girls online from Skylar Luna.