The perfect New Year’s detox trick – lots and lots of water

Buddha Board Water PaintingAfter a busy time fraught with lots of be-booping electronics, rushing to and fro, and various shiny things, there’s really no substitute for a bit of Zen. While you’re decompressing, consider turning to the ingenious Buddha Board, spotted at Landbridge Toys.

Theoretically you’d be buying this for your kid, but when I had a chance to play with one, I had a hard time giving up my turn. Because you’re painting with water and your images slowly fade out as they dry, it’s addictive in a delicious, slow-you-down kind of way. You paint, you sit, you paint, you sit… you breathe.

The perfect antidote to the typical holiday melees. Grab one for the kids, then grab one for your desk. Om. -Mir

The Buddha Board is available at Landbridge Toys.

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