What’s a Geemo? Good question.

geemo toyIt’s hard to entirely describe a Geemo, even after having played with it for a week. I can only assure you that this is the greatest new toy we’ve discovered in a good long time, thanks to our friend Tiffany at The Pajama Squid.

Geemo was designed by a very cool Brooklyn toy company called Heroes May Rise which aims to promote learning through unstructured play and creativity (um, as opposed to voice chips barking multiplication tables at you). And they deliver in spades with this toy made of a set of soft, stretchy, sort of rubbery nontoxic pieces that affix end to end with magnets. Kind of like an erector set with no backbone.

My kids have been going nuts all week turning their Geemo into a bracelet, a stethoscope, a crazy snake, a silly house, and “a design” – which is the catch-all term for Stop asking me mommy; I’m just having fun here. –Liz

Find Geemo and other awesome tous for kids at The Pajama Squid.

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