Even ye olde fashioned dolls are going organic

Quilters' doll made with organic cotton - Dog Someone gave my son an old-fashioned yo-yo. (As soon as I figure out who it was, I’m going to hurt them. Or at least ask them to spackle the new dents in my walls.) But a yo-yo doll has nothing to do with yo-yos — it’s actually a classic quilter’s doll made out of remnants, and it’s a baby favorite for generations.

Easily the most beloved yo-yo dolls come from Jenny Krauss and now she’s making all-natural, Fair Trade, slightly muted organic cotton yo-yo dolls as an alternative to the originals.

Jenny spent several years getting this soft, 100% earth-and human-friendly version of her quilters’ dolls to market in an affordable way, and they’re totally worth the wait. Choose from elephant, puppy or bear doll, all made by a fair trade group in India. Or, if you’ve got an older kid, don’t forget to check out the yo-yo doll kits for some blissful quiet time. Which is something you don’t get from the other kind of yo-yo. -Mir

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