Great gifts for your kids that benefit their school, too

Cool kids' backpack on sale at Treehouse Tykes

I admit it: I’m a fan of pretty much every one of those daily-deals sites. Hand me an exclusive membership to sweet deals on designer merch and I get a little thrill. 

And this new site totally supersizes that thrill in the coolest way possible, because every purchase I make goes to my daughter’s own school.

Treehouse Tykes is a private-member site that features awesome brands of kids’ clothing, toys, books, and furniture–up to 70% off. But here’s the key difference between it and other sales sites: 10% of your purchase goes to the school, or charitable organization of your choice.

There’s a long list of nonprofits from which you can choose, but you can also add in your own–and your 10% is immediately sent their way. Perfect for this time of year, when all kinds of orgs are making their end-of-year pleas for donations.

Can I tell you how satisfying it was to buy my daughter a super-cool art backpack and know that her own school was benefiting? Way more satisfying than picking out random wrapping
paper from a fundraising booklet. Way. -Lexi

Get great discounts on fab kids’ stuff–and donate to your kids’ school at the same time!–with Treehouse Tykes