Socks with soul

Neoprene baby sock by Bical GrippersI used to play this game with my son when he was a baby, it was called I put on the sock, you wiggle out of it and lose it. Oh the fun we had. If only Bical Grippers existed back then. Half sock, half shoe, all cool.

The lightweight neoprene sock fits snugly and securely, and when your child’s ready to take their first (or five millionth) step the non-slip, rubber sole gives just the right amount of support and traction. And unlike other moccasin-type socks, they can be used outdoors and even underwater at your local too-rocky beach.

Howdy Cowboy baby socks with neoprene soleThe styles are as creative as they are adorable – I love Skully Girl, because my imaginary daughter would be just that hip, and although my real son is too big for the Howdy Cowboy socks, even he thought they were cool. That says something. -Betsy

You can find Bical Gripper socks
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