The thigh’s the limit

Kids' thigh-high socks from Pork Chop KidsMaybe I’m just a German tourist at heart or something, but I do like that look of knee socks on my kids. Okay, so not with khaki shorts and sandals–but it can totally kick a pair of Mary Janes and a short skirt into gear. Pork Chop Kids has taken it a step further and created thigh-high socks for children that are not only adorable, they make a lot of sense when you think about it.

Kind of like a cross between a knee-high and a leg warmer, these socks make diaper changes easier than leggings. Thigh-highs are also a good option for those just learning to get their own pants down (in time) in the bathroom. There are a few basic styles–dots, stripes, argyles–and then some solids with a cable-knit pattern that I like.

I wish they were a wee more affordable, but considering they pretty much keep kids from ripping their socks off first opportunity they get, I imagine for some of you it will be $18 well spent. –Liz

children’s thigh-high socks at the Pork Chop Kids website and save 10% on your order with code CMP10

Congratulations to lucky sock winner Kelly F!