Love me tender

elvis beastly dollAfter inheriting yet another useless stuffed animal courtesy of my in-laws, I have officially put the kibosh on any and all such toys.

With one exception, of course.

The King.

If you’re an Elvis lover, his spirit and likeness can now live on in your own home with the hilarious Elvis Beastly doll from UK’s The Grateful Thread who we already love for their guitar softies and recycled record clocks. Made from soft polar fleece, this handsome devil will put all those other poor, neglected plush dolls to shame with his deep voice and swoon-worthy dance moves – none of which are included in the purchase price. Thank goodness for small miracles. -Kristen

Check out the rock n’ roll plush dolls and more at The Grateful Thread.

Congratulations to Shawn R., lucky winner of the Elvis plushie!?