Tea to keep the kids warm at night

Tea Collection Suite Sleeper SetThe nights have become downright frosty which means I’m scrambling to see if
any of the kids’ pajamas from last winter still fit them; given that they
seem to grow a foot a year, it’s likely that they’ll need new threads. Some of the nicest new
cold-weather sleepwear I’ve been eying for them comes from CMP fave Tea Collection.

Their Suite Sleeper pajama sets are made of
super-soft, brushed-on-the-inside pima cotton; with its natural fibers, the kids won’t feel like they are
sweltering under petro-chemicals. And with this kind of thickness, they won’t wear out at the knees before Christmas as
I’ve come to expect with the cheaper brands. (No, these are not cheap.)

No cheesy licensed
characters here — just cool Asian-inspired designs like Cherry Blossom,
Origami and the very cool Dragon. Plus I know my kids will appreciate that the pajamas come in two pieces, and
if you’ve ever had to shiver your way out of a one-piece sleeper for a
midnight bathroom break, you understand too. -Christina

Find incredible pajama

s for kids from Tea.