The Mini Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper ride-on toy carIf I had a million dollars, as that song goes, I think I would add this Mini Cooper ride-on toy to my kids’ holiday gift list. While I haven’t tried it out personally, my kids would zip around the living room in that hot little car in a minute. Come to think of it, do you think a kids’ ride-on car can support a hundred and [mumblemumble] pounds?

Probably not considering it’s recommended for ages two to five. Too bad, because I’m digging the 6V electronic motor, electronic brake and accelerator with stop-gap safety features, a rechargable battery, and engineering consultation from actual Mini Cooper engineers. It certainly puts those traditional put-put little plastic ride-on toys to shame. But hey, that’s what you get for 500 smackers.

Stick this baby under the Christmas tree and I can pretty much guarantee nothing else even gets opened. Hear that, competitive gift givers? –Liz

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