These limited edition vehicles really will go fast

Toy Enzo Speedster with sidecarTo say my son was obsessed with toy cars, trucks, trains and planes when he was younger would be a major understatement, and I have six overstuffed bins to prove it. However, there are a few toy vehicles he’s collected over the years that are so special that they are set out for display (and play) and I wouldn’t be surprised if some ended up perched on his desk in his college dorm.

The Playforever toy vehicle collection is that kind of special.

When Julian Meagher, an award winning industrial designer, moved to the UK and turned his attention to engineering super high quality toys, Playforever was born. This remarkable collection of vehicles are substantial in size, made of glossy, non-toxic, ABS plastic and are virtually indestructible.

I love the Enzo Speedster with side car, but check out the Mimmo Buster for your future pilot, or the sleek Bruno Roadster for your race car fanatic. Here’s the thing, there are limited quantities available, so you have to pre-order, like, now, and they’ll be shipped to y

ou the second week of November. They’re $60 each, but I’ve probably spent three times that on the crates of cheap toy cars and motorcycles I’ve bought over the years. So, what are you waiting for? Shoppers, start your engines–Betsy

The Enzo Speedster and the entire Playforever vehicle collection can be found at Mookla.