Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby – we admit it, we’re fans

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and BabyAs it turns out, Target and H+M no longer have a lock on the lower priced clothing from high-end designers thing. We recently got a look at the brand new Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby line, and the verdict is, many enthusiastic thumbs up.

Don’t expect any super bargains here, or at least not until the end of the season – a gorgeous cashmere baby blanket will run you $98, and a lovely gray cotton-cashmere blend children’s cardigan with asymmetrical button detailing is $54. Although that’s still less than the $500 you might pay for the Stella McCartney Not for Gap label.

It’s not all knits by the way; I also love her take on this season’s hot plaid shirts for boys which at $38 are less than what we’re seeing similar styles for in boutiques.

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and BabyWhat I’m most impressed with though is the toddler girls’ clothing collection, which is something I think Gap falters on a lot. (Seriously, enough with the teddy bears.) The lovely styling, elegant details, and sophisticated palate of soft grays, plums, and peach

y-pinks make the whole line a home run. There are even fun surprises in there like children’s duck boots, and a fabulous child’s pea coat with big brass buttons that offer a clear nod to Sargent Pepper. Two degrees, right? –Liz

Find Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby online at Gap.com or at a Gap store near you. If there is one. Ha.