Trying Funny Stuff makes me want my kids music with extra Jimmies

The Jimmies Trying Funny Stuff kids' DVD and CDI don’t want my kids to grow up listening to lame, easy-listening music which is why The Jimmies’ fun-rock songs have been on heavy rotation since we got Make Your Own Someday, their first CD, a couple of years ago. And now with their jam-packed kids’ DVD/CD combo, Trying Funny Stuff, complete with music videos, a laugh-out-loud “making of” documentary and live-concert footage, we are even more happily covered in Jimmies.

Trying Funny Stuff kicks off with six music videos of some of our favorite songs, like the rocking Cool to be Uncool and the sweetly nostalgic Taddy. The videos are so well done, they’d be MTV-worthy if MTV played kids’ music and, well, still showed music videos.

(In fact, don’t miss CMP editor Liz’s daughter making a brief red-mohawked cameo as a toddler punk rocker in the catchy Bedhead.)

It’s impossible to not love lead singer Ashley Albert throughout the DVD: She’s like your funniest girlfriend wrapped up in your kids’ favorite aunt, and then sprinkled with just enough 7-year-old to ma

ke booger gags acceptable. In fact, the whole band is so adorably fun, I expect to find a handwritten note on my kids’ pillows telling me that they’ve run away to be the band’s roadies. I hope they send me concert tickets –Christina

Trying Funny Stuff kids’ music DVD/CD combo from The Jimmies is available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations to Shelley T., lucky winner of the Jimmies CD/DVD Trying Funny Stuff!