Let puppies take over your kids’ underwear

puppy underwearSome girls like hair accessories, others like tutus. Mine? Are obsessed with underwear. OH THE DRAMA we have each morning over which pair to wear. If your kids, like mine, go gaga over character underwear, but you’d rather keep the TV characters away from one part of their wardrobe, LikeWear has some cute options.

The puppy underwear for girls and kitten underwear for girls
are just that–cotton briefs screenprinted with images of cute,
ready-for-YouTube animals from cutesie photographer Rachael Hale. No Dora, no
Tinkerbell, no Elmo.

Yes, I’m gagging a wee bit from the saccharine sweetness of it all. And yet? The kids love it. And it’s not SpongeBob. -Liz

Find cute kids underwear online at parent-run LikeWear including some cute camp underwear for older kids.