One more from the yes there are cool clothes for boys department

Boys' Eagle Tee by Boy Peralta, Inc.My boys wear uniforms to school, so they like their play clothes to be fun and funky. I like them to be clothes they can actually play in. Boy Peralta, Inc has cool stuff that we can both live with — and love.

You’ll find brands like Appaman and Knuckleheads, as well as their own original pieces. I love that these designs — like the Knuckleheads Eagle tee pictured here — are kid-appropriate without being cutesy (no fire truck appliques here).  I also love that Boy Peralta isn’t just tees — they have great pants and cool accessories, too, for a whole hip kid look.

This is one shop that totally gets that even little boys have a big sense of style, and that play clothes don’t have to come emblazoned with movie tie-in characters to appeal to kids.  Boys can be boys in these duds.

Just cooler, better-dressed boys. -Susan

Shop Boy Peralta (“the modernist boy”) for cool picks for your boys.