All Around Ralph’s World without leaving the living room

All Around Ralph's WorldWith so much “together” time indoors these cold winter months, my kids’ music has become my music. So I had better like what they have on heavy rotation these days. With their current favorite CD du jour, the new All Around Ralph’s World, I think I’ll retain my sanity just fine, thankyouverymuch.

All Around Ralph’s World is the latest in a whole slew of CD’s from CMP fave and Chicagoian Ralph Covert and while the CD doesn’t entirely capture the energy of one of his live shows, I still can happily listen to the pop-rock tunes over and over and over, as kids are wont to do.

As the CD title suggests, the songs take us everywhere from the uptempo The Great Outdoors to the wild blue yonder in the sweet Blue Airplane, to an adventurous train ride in one of my favorites, A Dog Named Bruce. I hear a Beatles influence throughout, although it’s most obvious in the harmonic Easy Ryder with lyrics along the lines of George and Ringo are on a yellow submarine

The kids didn’t bat an eye, but I had to play it back to
make sure I wasn’t hearing things. That can happen in the middle of a New England winter you know. -Christina

All Around Ralph’s World released February 9th and is available from our affiliate Amazon. You can get a free download of All About Bob, a sweet, guitar-backed pop song with a super catchy chorus from Ralph’s new label, Bar/None Records.