Time to pull a Jamie Oliver on the plastic play food

Pixiekids play foodWhen my kids were younger, they received a big bag of plastic play food filled with such gems as skinny hot dogs, rubbery pizza slices, flat burger patties and even a few brown chicken nuggets. Well, this grass-fed beef buying, farmers-market visiting, chicken-coop contemplating mama has had enough. It’s time to go all Jamie Oliver on their plastic play food and clean out the toy bin.

I’ve found an alternative to their junky plasticky food that will make me feel way better about the pretend meals they are serving each other.

I would so much prefer to see my kids grabbing a big purple eggplant or pretending to crack eggs while playing with one of Pixiekids Toys and Gifts‘ imagination-spurring felt play food sets made with eco-felt from recycled plastic bottles.

Felt play food by PixiekidsFrom setting up a mini farmer’s market in my living room to serving each other a little sushi before lunchtime, these are the kinds of toys that would stay front and center in my house.

Handmade by mom and eductor Melisa Santacroce, my favorite
is her “Bigger” set with eggs, milk and cheese, and, of course, grass-fed organic beef–the label is such a cute touch, though I wish it were affixed somehow and not in a plastic baggie (which shouldn’t be part of a toddler toy). Even so, the set includes a recycled (of course) grocery bag filled with eight easy-to-grab fruits and vegetables.

We can all hope that by playing with a yellow squash enough, maybe they’d be more willing to actually try a bite when it ends up on their plate, right? -Christina

Check out the felt play food, or any of Melisa’s play food sets, at Pixiekids Toys and Gifts.