Your kid wants a puppy for Christmas? Get The Puppy Sister instead.

the puppy sisterThose of us who grew up on author S.E. Hinton’s books like The Outsiders, Tex, and Rumble Fish, might be interested to know that she’s got a new book out for the next generation. Actually, a graphic novel. And if you have a middle grade reader who’s reluctant to start books without pictures, this one’s for you.

Plenty of kids want a puppy for Christmas–mine included. But in The Puppy Sister,
Nick would much rather have a real sister to play with. Luckily, his
new puppy hears his wish on Christmas day, and the strangest–and
sweetest– sibling relationship ever begins.

Using colorful, action-filled drawings and comic book-style text that
will appeal to boys and girls alike, this charming graphic novel updates the original The Puppy Sister book from 1997, illustrating a
one-of-a-kind fairy tale about what happens when puppy Aleasha’s wish to
be a real girl comes true.

A quick read rife with humor and
heartwarming moments, The Puppy Sister would make a great gift for
siblings going through growing pains or bi

g boys who no longer want a
little sister to shadow their every move. Give this one to your son and Ladybug Girl his sister for a great pair of sibling-sensitive books for that long holiday car ride.

I’ll admit, The Puppy Sister
got me to squeak out a tear. After all, brothers and sisters may no’t
always get along, but at least sisters don’t chew on action figures.~Delilah

Purchase The Puppy Sister by S.E. Hinton from our affiliate, Amazon– or snag a copy from your local indie bookstore.

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