World Autism Awareness Day, because 1 in 110 is a huge number of our kids

World Autism DayToday is World Autism Awareness Day, although to parents with autistic kids, so is tomorrow. And the next day.

Chances are, you know a child who is on the autistic spectrum, so let’s use today to raise awareness of this disorder and to support our favorite small businesses who try to help the kids with autism every day of the year too.


Rugh Family Workshop

The Rugh Family Workshop uses their art to raise awareness of autism through a series of limited-edition posters for homes, schools, libraries and other public spaces. My favorite poster, shown above, features lyrics from Dan Zanes’ Hello and would be perfect in a child’s room to remind them we are more same than different. A donation from each sale is made to GRASP, the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership. (via Design Mom)

Soft Clothing


For my daughter who refuses to wear anything “scratchy,” Soft Clothing is a smart choice, but for a parent of a child with tactile sensitivities due to autism, it’s a lifesaver. I love the special attention they give to flat seams, e
ncased elastic waistbands and super-soft cotton, all while keeping the price of their clothing very affordable. And this month, they will be sharing stories and resources about autism on their website to help raise awareness.
from now until April 9 get 15% off all orders with code SoftAutism
eBeanstalk toys

eBeanstalk makes finding the right toys for autistic children a little easier without assuming all autistic kids share the same challenges. Instead, you’ll find a thoughtful collection of toys grouped by specific developmental delays such as language or dexterity. 


Heart and Stone
Heart and Stone Jewelry’s lovely puzzle piece and “solve the puzzle” charm promote autism awareness in an elegant, understated way. Plus a full 25% of sale price will be donated to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism.
Twinkle Time Massage Gel

Massage is often recommended to help autistic kids (and everyone else) relax. I love Green Elly’s all-natural Twinkle Time Massage Gel which not only is gentle on sensitive skin, but also donates a portion of proceeds to autism research.


OneHope Cabernet

With 50% of profits going toward grants for underprivileged families coping with autistic children, OneHope’s California Cabernet Sauvignon does more than just taste good with grilled meats. When I raise my glass, I’ll make a toast to all of those families who are doing so much for their children. -Christina