The tip-top Dippy Dop space hopper

Dippy Dop Space HopperWhether your kid likes bouncing, aliens, or just anything that looks like Muno off Yo Gabba Gabba, you’ve got to check this toy out.
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The new Dippy Dop Space Hopper
will keep your entire family entertained, if yours is anything like
mine. The package is adorable, the hopper blows up super quickly and
very easily, and then your kids are fighting over who gets to bounce
first. My four-year old rides ours correctly, holding on to the alien
antennae and bouncing laps around the downstairs, while my two-year old
calls it “Red Guy” and drags it around, laughing. Either way, they’re
getting indoor exercise while using their creativity, and I like that.

looking forward to seeing the hopper in action all winter, when it’s
too cold to hit the playground for some energy diffusion. But watch
out– your kid maybe one day say, Mommy, I’m riding that one-eyed monster, and then you will have to run out of the room to laugh until you cry. Just like I did.~Delilah

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