Cute fall jumpers? Well, Lottie Da.

Lottie Da Autumn Fox jumper dressDo you ever fall in love with an picture on Etsy before you even know what the item is? Beautiful styling and luscious photo-editing once lured me to click on a $75 photograph of a bagel. That’s right– a picture of a bagel.

This time, with Lottie Da Baby? Totally in love with the photo as well as the reality.
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The Autumn Fox Jumper by Lottie Da
brings together the best parts of fall– the orange of the trees, the
blue of the crisp skies, and the little girl running through crunching
leaves, laughing. The design and construction are lovely, and the jumper
mixes and matches well with short or long sleeves, a cardigan, and
tights or leggings. My shirt-and-leggings-only-EVER girl was delighted
to wear her jumper to a Saturday morning birthday party where every
single mom there complimented it.

Seriously. Every. Single. Mom.

beautiful jumper is available in sizes 2 – 6 in two different fabrics. And Lottie Da has
other handmade, gorgeous designs to choose from,

including dresses,
skirt sets, bedding, and custom coordinated play table sets. And the
photography is just plain magical.~Delilah

Browse the Lottie Da Baby store on Etsy for lovely handmade dresses and jumpers for girls. Soon to come: the adorable Lottie Da website.

Congratulations to Karen C – lucky winner of a $50 GC to Lottie Da!

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