Romper room

Mini Rotation Purr Kitty sunsuit romperSo I admit that this whole adult romper trend scares me just a little, mostly because my body is not cut out for any sort of one-piece clothing item not meant for a beach. But my daughters, on the other hand, look absolutely fabulous in them. And at the top of my list is the adorable Purr Kitty sunsuit from Mini Rotation, a hipster tee company that’s turned its attention towards cool kids wear over the last few years.

I love the playful graphics on the simple, bright cotton one-piece, that’s the perfect summer play outfit for any little girl. And if rompers aren’t your thing, make sure you take a look at the dresses – seriously, the Tweet Tweet is adorable and the Lemon Miranda (that’s right) is hilariously retro-fabulous. Check out the boys’ tees too.

Either way, I’m just digging that they’re priced really nicely for a boutique label, and they’re unique enough that you won’t see every other kid at the playground wearing them. Score! -Kristen

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