Do you have a quotable kid? (Of course you do!)

kico kids quotable kids teeCertainly you have a whole list somewhere of all the funny things your kid has said. My youngest daughter named her stuffed horse Puke Bok, and the oldest has been known to say things like I’m not licking the gingerbread house..I’m just kissing it.

If your own kid’s sayings are funny even to people who aren’t reading your blog or your baby book, consider sending it to Kico Kids for their second annual Quotable Kids t-shirt contest. One of our favorite boutique children’s brands, they’re compiling their favorites and putting each one on a limited-edition tee by Japanese illustrator RItsuko Hirai for next spring’s collection.

Only catch? Today’s the deadline. So get yours down and email them to info@kicokids.com by the end of the day. It could the beginning of a very promising career in stand-up comedy for your prodigy. –Liz