Silly Bandz, now coming to a chest near you

silly bandz t-shirtI was hoping–praying–that the Silly Bandz craze would stay far far away from my daughter’s preschool. When it hit, it hit hard, like a giant neon apocalyptic storm of wiggly plastic and shrieking children. I can completely see why some schools are banning the bracelets; who can focus on eating lunch or practicing our letters when there is a pink kangaroo to be traded for an orange guitar!

So Lisa and Ken Gold, the mom and dad team behind LikeWear had a brilliant idea: The as yet unbanned Silly Bandz t-shirts.

Okay so they’re actually called “Silly Rubber Bands tees.” But we know what they’re referring to.

The designs feature several of the bands around a theme of either love or rock n roll, printed on 100% cotton tees, all 100% less likely to end up broken and in the landfills before the week is out Sold. –Liz

Find Silly Bandz
t-shirts in toddler, youth and adult sizes online at LikeWear. You can also get the image on a backpack, hoody and more.

Congratulations to Megan C and Aimee M – lucky winners of the S

illy Bandz t-shirts!