Is It Safe To Have Diet Soda During Pregnancy?

Diet Soda During Pregnancy

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Do you love diet soda? But, is it wise to continue drinking diet soda during pregnancy? Is it safe? If you can relate to the situation, or you know someone who does, you should consider reading out post. Here we talk all about diet sodas during pregnancy.

Consuming energizing food is a part of the daily routine for most people. Tea, Coffee, and Energy drinks form a critical part of most people’s daily diet. Most gynecologists suggest that pregnant women should avoid caffeine and its products during pregnancy. For some people, diet soda is a good alternative to coffee and provides enough caffeine to the body.

Ingredients Of Diet Soda:

Diet sodas are aerated soft drinks. They contain high amounts of sugars, stimulants like caffeine, apart from gases. Artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose make the diet sodas taste better and more tempting than other drinks.

Considering Caffeine, Sugars, and Gases as three different categories, let’s look at a detail

ed description on each of these categories and focus on how they can affect a pregnant woman.

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Health experts say no to caffeine consumption during pregnancy. Pregnant women consuming high amounts of caffeine may result in stillbirth, preterm birth, insomnia, heartburn, gestational hypertension, and rapid breathing rates in the newborn babies.

Due to its severe health impacts, doctors advise pregnant women to avoid caffeine-based food products during pregnancy. However, pregnant women can consume a limited amount of caffeine just to stay safe and healthy.

Pregnant women who love coffee, diet soda or other food products that contain caffeine can consume them without any objection but limit your caffeine intake to not more than 200mg per day. Also, one can of soda contain typically contains 45mg to 50mg of caffeine and hence a limited amount of soda consumption is acceptable.

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Artificial Sweeteners:

  • Aspartame:

Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners. It does not have many side effects on pregnant women. However, doctors still advise a limited intake of aspartame.

  • Saccharin:

Saccharin is a commonly used sugar substitute in diet sodas. Saccharin has many ill effects on pregnant women, and it can lead to complications for you and your unborn baby. Although, diet sodas don’t contain much Saccharin today; you need to ensure you don’t consume diet soda that has saccharin.

  • Sucralose:

Sucralose is typically a sugar product. Being calorie free and only a sweetener, Sucralose is safe for pregnant women, also because it causes no blood sugar.

  • Gas in the soda:

All the diet sodas contain gas, none other than carbon dioxide. Though CO2 has no bad impact on the health of pregnant women or their unborn babies, it is better to limit the intake, just to stay on the safer side.

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Is Diet Soda Safe During Pregnancy?

Drinking diet soda while pregnant is safe. However, make sure that it does not contain any saccharin. Remember to limit the quantity of diet soda you consume. Doctors suggest that more than 300 ml a day can be harmful, and you need to ensure that you don’t drink too much. Diet soda isn’t going to promote any nutrients, and it just satisfies your craving for it.

Until your baby is born, and you breastfeed her for the appropriate amount of time, it is better to stay off diet sodas. Diet sodas aren’t harmful, but they don’t do much good either. So, choose wisely.

We hope you found the information on diet soda during pregnancy useful. Tell us what alternatives you chose to stay off diet soda or coffee cravings during pregnancy. Other moms would love to hear from you. Leave your comment in the section below.

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