Aromatherapy For Babies - Everything You Need To Know

Aromatherapy For Babies

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Do you want to take a more holistic approach towards your baby’s care? Are you looking for natural remedies for your little one? Do you know how aromatherapy can help your baby? If you said yes, then read the article here to know how you can use aromatherapy for babies.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a pseudoscience, in which uses essential oils from plant extracts to relieve many conditions [1].

Essential oils are aromatic liquids obtained from herbs and plant parts such as flowers, bark, seeds and roots. Essential oils are highly diluted topical applications or inhalations to treat various health conditions [2].

Aromatherapy helps reduce stress, anxiety, treats skin problems, minor aches and sleep disorders and compliments standard medical treatments [3].

Aromatherapy For Babies:

You need to be careful and specific when using aromatherapy for baby. Here are some considerations for aromatherapy applications.

Types Of Essential Oils:

  • Carrier Oils:

You need to mix essential oils with carrier oils before their application. Carrier oils that are safe include oils of olive, avocado, jojoba, apricot kernel and wheat germ. You can also use nut oils like sweet almond oil once your baby is a-year-old. Consult a trained aromatherapist to know the best essential oils for your baby.

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  • Essential Oils:

Safe essential oils for babies include oils of lavender, chamomile (German and Roman varieties), geranium, dill and yarrow. For babies three months and older, you can also use neroli, eucalyptus and mandarin. When they reach six months of age, you can also begin to use essential oils of grapefruit, tea tree and calendula.

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Using Aromatherapy For Babies And Children:

  • Massages:

For babies of three months of age or under, use 1 drop of essential oil and 2 tablespoons of any safe carrier oil. For babies older than three months increase the quantity to 2 drops.

  • Baths:

Use 1 drop of essential oil for babies aged 3 months or less and use 2 drops for older kids. You can add the oil directly to water or mix it with milk and then add the liquid to the bath water.

  • Inhalation:

Use one drop of essential oil to a tissue or cotton ball and keep it in your baby’s room where he can’t reach it.

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Treating Medical Conditions In Babies:

Some examples of essential oil use for common ailments that affect babies:

  • Colic:

Use 2 drops of essential oils of Roman chamomile with apricot kernel base oil and massage the combination on your baby’s tummy.

  • Nappy Rash:

Use 1 drop of lavender oil with any carrier oil.

  • Cradle Cap:

Use German chamomile with jojoba carrier oil.

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  • Rashes:

Use lavender or sandalwood with any safe carrier oil for babies.

  • Fever:

Massage your baby’s feet with lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil.

A Word Of Caution:

You can perform baby aromatherapy for your little one’s wellbeing but do so with extreme caution.

  • Don’t let your baby consume any essential oil.
  • Don’t use essential oils near an open fire, as essential oils contain many volatile compounds.
  • Sometimes, essential oils may produce side effects like rashes or interfere with some medications.
  • Not all essential oils are safe for infants. Examples include birch, basil, peppermint and hyssop essential oils.

If you keep essential oils at home, ensure that you keep them out of the reach of your children and pets.

Do you use aromatherapy for your babies? What medical conditions does it treat best? Tell us about your experiences here.


Use the information as a reference when using aromatherapy for babies. Consult a trained aromatherapist to know how and for what conditions you can use aromatherapy for your baby. Take the approval of your baby’s doctor before you use any essential oils for your child.

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