Developmental Milestone – When Do Babies Walk?

Developmental Milestone

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Is your baby crawling? Does he sit up by himself? Do you think he is about to start walking anytime soon? Are you looking for ways to encourage him to take that first step? Are you eagerly awaiting your baby’s first steps?

If you nodded along excitedly, you might want to read our post on when do babies walk. Here we look at when baby will start walking and how to help your baby learn to walk.

At What Age Do Babies Start Walking And How To Help?

You can never say for certain when your baby will take his first steps. He may try to stand up properly or hold onto something. The next thing you know, he might even take the much-awaited first step.

For the first twelve months, he will be busy reaching various other milestones. He will try to develop coordination as well as muscle strength. Most babies will first learn to sit up, roll over and crawl, before attempting to walk. Some babies may skip crawling completely and directly start walking. Once your baby learns to do most o

f these, he will next start developing his balance, which will be crucial for him to reach the walking milestone.

You may be wondering exactly when do babies start to walk. It is important to remember that all babies reach different milestones at their own pace. It is perfectly normal if he seems a little late than other babies his age, or if he starts walking before other babies his age do. Most babies take their first step when they are nine to 12 months of age. By the time they are about 15 months of age, they may start walking well. Sometimes, babies who reach their other developmental milestones early may start walking by the time they are about 17 months old.

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He will be crawling or cruising around the house and grasp at furniture to get steady.

  • One of the first signals that he is getting ready to walk is when he starts to sit up on his own. It is the first stage of his balancing and learning mobility. Trying to sit up will help strengthen the muscles that will later help him to walk. In most cases, babies learn to sit up around the 4th to 7th month.
  • The next stage that he will reach in a final lead up to walking is crawling. He will practice a lot of hand and leg movements. Most of these could be when he is lying down on the bed, or even as he is sitting on the floor or a steady surface. Strong hand and leg movements will also help him while walking. In most cases, babies will learn these activities when they are around 7 to 10 months of age.
  • As your baby understands that he can be mobile and independent, his curiosity to move around the house will increase. He will start pulling himself up by holding on to you, a sibling, a family member or any furniture. It is the right time for you to help your baby with balancing and show him how he can stand. Most babies will start doing so around the time they are eight months of age. You can hold his hands and help him stand up. Once he is in a standing position, you can show him how to bend his knees and get back to a sitting position.

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  • Once he gets the confidence to pull himself up, he will also get better with balancing and coordination. At this stage, you can help your baby take a few steps by holding onto him. Most babies will reach developmental stage around the eighth or ninth month. Let him try to stand up as much as he can. He may fall down quite a few times, but it is absolutely normal. Let him fall down and then try to get up by himself. It will help him build better balance.
  • Initially, your baby will begin leaning on furniture and try to get to a standing position. Once he feels comfortable enough, he may let go of the furniture or support and stand on his own without aid for a few seconds. Most babies will do this around the eighth to the ninth month. Encourage your baby to do it more and try to leave the support for a few seconds.
  • For the next stage, your baby will feel more confident to stand by himself while holding on to some furniture or support. In some time, he will leave the support and stand for a few seconds and then a few minutes, without any help. Most babies will reach this stage around the ninth to twelfth month. You can sit down with her on the floor and encourage her to get up. Once he stands up, you can play a fun counting game with her to see how long he can stand.

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