5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic For Babies

Benefits Of Garlic For Babies

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Is your baby suffering from abdominal pain? Do you want to protect her from respiratory ailments, such as cold and cough? Chances are, you said yes; feeding her some garlic can be an effective solution to ensure her good health. However, can babies eat garlic? Read our post to learn everything about serving garlic for babies here.

What Is Garlic?

Garlic is one of the popular condiments that people use all over the world. The condiment belongs to the family of onions and is native to Central Asia. Today, Asia is the leading producer of garlic. Garlic has a strong flavor and possesses several medicinal properties. So it is beneficial to ensure good health of babies. Let’s have a look at health benefits of garlic for babies (1).

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Health Benefits Of Garlic For Babies:

Check out here amazing benefits of introducing garlic in baby food:

1. Cures Respiratory Disorders:

Babies are susceptible to common cold, fever, flu, pneumonia,

asthma, and many more respiratory ailments. Garlic helps treat various respiratory disorders. Garlic soup helps reduce the severity of cold and flushes out toxins from her respiratory system. The volatile oils in garlic help open up the respiratory passages and relieves her condition. The antiseptic and antispasmodic properties of garlic help protect your baby from various ailments (2).

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2. Treats Abdominal Pain:

Garlic is quite effective in curing abdominal pain resulting due to dyspepsia, colic, flatulence, and other stomach ailments. Give your baby a quarter teaspoon of garlic and a half teaspoon of honey two times every day to treat various gastric disorders. Also, the condiment regulates inflammation and infections in the digestive tract and stomach and cures ulcers to a great extent.

3. Antimicrobial Properties Regulates Infections:

Garlic possesses antimicrobial properties that help regulate infections causing bacteria. Phytochemicals present in garlic are highly effective in killing bacteria in the colon and small intestine. Garlic is harmless against beneficial probiotic microbes that reside in your baby’s digestive system. You can mix the fresh juice of garlic cloves with fruit and vegetable juice and feed her the concoction (3).

4. Kills Harmful Intestinal Worms In Babies:

Intestinal worms, such as tapeworms, enter into baby’s body as eggs, settle in the baby’s intestines, and feed on the nutrients resulting in infections and ailments. Garlic has intestinal worm killing or anthelmintic properties. The condiment acts as an effective anthelmintic drug to kill harmful worms in your baby’s intestine and ensures her good health (4).

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5. Promotes Healing:

Garlic helps heal wounds quickly with its antimicrobial properties. Include garlic in your baby’s diet and the healing will begin soon after she consumes the condiment.

Is Garlic Safe For Babies?

Many remain skeptical about serving garlic to babies, as it has a pungent flavor and can cause allergies. However, it is completely safe for babies to consume garlic. You can give them the condiment when they turn 6 to 8 months old. Although some babies may face garlic allergy, it is not very common. You can consult your pediatrician and provide an appropriate amount of garlic to your baby.

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Measures While Serving Garlic For Baby:

Start with serving one garlic clove so that your baby won’t feel allergic to its strong flavor. Choose a white, juicy garlic clove. Peel the skin off and mince it and add it to her food. Alternatively, you could feed her some garlic soup. Add a pinch of sugar to it to compensate for its strong flavor.

How did you serve your dear little one garlic? Was it garlic soup or juice? How did your baby benefit from it? Tell us your story here. Leave a comment below.

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