Top 12 Shoes For Your Baby

Shoes For Your Baby

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Has your baby started taking his first steps? Are you looking for a pair of smart shoes that will make his gait more comfortable and confident? Are the innumerable options leaving you baffled? Then fret not, as we are here to help you!

Watching your baby take his first steps is one of the happiest moments for new parents. Yes, things do get hectic once your baby is mobile, but it is worth it. As your baby starts walking, it is your duty to get a pair of good shoes for his delicate feet. To help you choose the perfect pair of baby shoes, we have come with some tips and suggestions. Read on to know more about it!

Making your baby try the shoes will not be easy. You will be hard-pressed convincing him to try a new pair without fuss. Even if you get them on his feet without much fuss, it will be tricky for you to figure out whether they are of the right size or not. A baby cannot tell you if he does not like the way the new shoes feels. It is important to find best shoes for

baby that fit properly, otherwise he could take longer to develop the skill of walking. But you don’t worry, just follow these tips to find the perfect pair of babies shoes.

Tips To Buy The Perfect Baby Shoes:

1. Material:

Choose shoes that are of a soft, lightweight and breathable material. Cloth or soft leather shoes are the best options for babies. Never buy stiff leather shoes for babies as it can hinder their foot development. A non-skid rubber role will give your baby the best traction. Do not buy plastic shoes for babies.

2. Check The Fit:

Check the fit of the shoes. Make your baby try the shoes and let him walk. The shoes should be comfortable but not too big. Baby’s feet grow quickly, so it would be wise to check every month to make sure that his shoes still fit well. If your baby suddenly, starts taking the shoes off or starts rubbing his feet, then it is time for you to get him a new pair.

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3. Choose A Good Brand:

Find a brand that makes shoes specifically for babies. To check the fit of the shoes, insert your pinkie finger into the heel and the point where the shoe meets the ankle. It will help you check for stitching that may cause blisters. Check the shoe tip while your baby is standing to make sure that there is half an inch space between his toe thumb and the shoe tip.

4. Go For Velcro:

Velcro fasteners make it easier to get the shoes on and off so you wouldn’t have to worry about tying the laces all day long. If you choose shoes with laces, make sure they are long enough to tie a double knot.

5. Avoid Used Shoes:

Yes, baby shoes can burn a hole in your pocket as you may have to replace them every few months. But that does not mean you should make your baby wear the used shoes of his elder sibling. A new shoe will adapt to your baby’s growing and developing foot.

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6. Ordering Online:

Before you order the baby shoes online, make sure you know the right size. Make a trip to a baby shoe store and have his feet measured by a specialist. Remember to try the shoes with socks. Also, pay considerable attention to the width of your baby’s feet.

Top 12 Best Baby Shoes:

Now that you have noted down all the tips, it is time to take your baby for shoe shopping! Here are our favorite pick of 12 cute baby shoes in no particular order. Go ahead and check them out!

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Here is a pair of Converse shoes for your playful baby. It is the most popular sneaker in the world. The stylish pair of shoes is also durable. The rubber sole and the star centered ankle patch will remain intact. These shoes come in a variety of colors, but we love the classic one.

Price: $35

Available At: converse.com