10 Amazing Lotions For Your Baby

Lotions For Your Baby

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Looking for some good baby lotions for your little angel? Do you want something that will be good for your baby’s sensitive skin? With so many baby lotions out there in the market, are you confused about which ones to pick?

If you are not yet sure about which baby lotion is best to buy or are simply looking for suggestions, read our post. Here we talk about some of the best baby lotions out there. Read our compilation of 10 best lotion for babies that are perfect for their sensitive skin:

1. Sebamed Baby Lotion:

Sebamed Baby Lotion

Sebamed is a big name in the baby care product industry.

  • It has a pH value of 5.5 that will be perfect for keeping your baby’s skin safe.
  • The baby lotion is clinically tested and proven to be safe and gentle.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals that react with your baby’s skin.
  • The lotion has a mild and pleasing fragrance that will not irritate your baby.
  • It is quite absorbable does not feel oily or greasy.
  • It contains chamomilla recutita extra
    cts that have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties.
  • You can buy it here.
  • It is available for INR 500 for 100 ml.

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2. Himalaya Herbal Baby Lotion:

Himalaya Herbal Baby Lotion

Himalaya Herbals is a well-known company, and the baby body lotion is entirely herbal as the name suggests.

  • The lotion from Himalaya uses natural ingredients like almond and olive oil.
  • It helps moisturize your baby’s delicate skin and keeps it soft and supple.
  • The lotion is gentle even for newborn babies.
  • You can buy it here.
  • It is available for INR 145 for 200 ml.

3. Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion:

Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion

Chicco is a very famous name in baby and child care products. This is one of the best baby lotion for sensitive skin.

  • The body lotion from Chicco does not contain any parabens, dyes or alcohol.
  • It is hypoallergenic and will not cause any irritation on your baby’s gentle skin.
  • The lotion contains sweet almond milk, which has skin nourishing and skin softening properties.
  • It is also clinically tested for mildness to baby skin.
  • The lotion is easily absorbable on your baby’s skin and will not leave behind any greasy or oily feeling.
  • You can buy it here.
  • It is available for INR 399 for 500 ml.

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4. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizing Lotion:

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno is another well-trusted and well-renowned brand of baby care products.

  • The lotion from Aveeno is fragrance-free.
  • It is clinically proven to keep your baby’s gentle skin protected.
  • The lotion has a natural formula that is made using oats.
  • It will keep your baby’s skin moisturized, soft and supple for up to 24 hours.
  • It also contains other ingredients like glycerin, water and more that will soothe your baby’s skin and prevent any allergies.
  • You can buy it here.
  • It is available for INR 1118 for 532 ml.

5. Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion:

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Pigeon is synonymous with baby care products the worldwide, and they are extremely well-loved too.

  • The baby lotion from Pigeon contains various natural extracts like chamomile, vitamin E, jojoba, olive, rosehip and more.
  • The natural ingredients will protect your baby’s delicate skin from dryness and will prevent any irritation.
  • It does not have any fragrance.
  • The lotion is also hypoallergenic and pH balanced.
  • The clinically tested baby lotion is also suitable for newborn babies.
  • You can buy it here.
  • It is available for INR 245 for 200 ml.

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