Is It Important To Wash Your Newborn Baby Clothes Before Using?

Wash Your Newborn Baby Clothes Before Using

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Shopping for your little one is probably the best thing ever! You’ll have tons of options to choose from, and you will love picking up tiny clothes for your little prince charming.

Apart from focusing on choosing cute prints and soft fabrics for your baby, there are several additional aspects you need to keep in mind. You must focus on dressing your baby comfortably at all times.

On returning from your shopping spree, you may wonder- should you wash newborn clothes before wearing or using? Get your answers to that, and a lot more related info right here!

Is It Necessary To Wash New Baby Clothes Before Wearing?

In general, it is best to wash any new clothes you bought for your baby, or that may have been gifted by someone, at least once before your baby starts to wear them.

You have no idea of how long these clothes may have been on display in the store, and how clean they are. Also, these clothes may be transported to stores packed in large boxes, which could expose them

to different bugs and rodents as well. It could also be possible that the clothes may have bacteria on them, which could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Many a times, new clothes are also sprayed with formaldehyde solution to keep them looking fresh, and such harsh chemicals could be too much for your baby’s sensitive skin to bear. It is best to wash any new baby clothes prior to using them to protect your precious darling from skin infections. (1)

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Choosing the Right Washing Products For Baby Clothes:

It is important to choose washing products that are fragrance and chemical-free for cleaning your baby’s clothes. Normal detergents that you use to wash your clothes can harm your baby’s delicate skin.

Try and choose a mild detergent that will not harm your baby’s sensitive skin. You can pick one from a local supermarket, or ask your baby’s pediatrician to suggest one. You can also use fabric softener to keep your baby’s clothes soft and comfortable.

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How To Wash New Baby Clothes?

Babies can soil their clothes while eating, so if you’re worried about stain removal, just remember to use baby-safe stain removal detergents.

  • Wash all the clothes in lukewarm water, or water at room temperature. You can use hot water to wash cloth diapers only.
  • In case you don’t find a baby-safe detergent, you can make one at home by simply combining a cup of castile soap flakes with a ½ cup of borax and a ½ cup of washing soda.

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  • It is best to wash baby clothes by first soaking them in a tub of water, then lightly washing them with a mild detergent and then rinsing them off properly.
  • It is also a good idea to do a quick vinegar rinse after washing your baby’s clothes. Just add a few tablespoons of vinegar to a bucket of water, and add the clothes to the bucket for the final rinse.

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  • Do follow the care instructions on the label of your baby’s clothes.
  • If your baby develops an allergy due to a detergent, you should immediately consult a healthcare provider.

We hope this article helped you clear your doubts about washing new baby clothes before use or dressing them up. Did these tips prove helpful? Do let us know in the comments box below. Also, please share your tips for washing baby clothes with other moms here.

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