20 Best Lithuanian Names For Baby Girl

Lithuanian Names For Baby Girl

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Are you looking for a name that will make your child stand out of the crowd? Do you spend sleepless nights pondering over a name for your little princess? Well, if you are looking for a unique name, then we would suggest you to go for Lithuanian names!

Lithuania is a country lying in Northeast Europe. It was once a large country in Europe, but now has just 3 million people, the majority of whom are Lithuanian by ethnicity. Lithuania was also one of the last countries in Europe to accept Christianity as its official religion.

Naming Tradition:

One of the most remarkable features of Lithuania is its language. It is one of the oldest and purest derivations of the Indo-Europeans. You can see the sweetness of this language in its names too.

Lithuanian baby girl names usually end in –a or –e. But they have a strong preference for names ending with ‘-e’.

Short international names and Christian names are popular with Lithuanians. And why wouldn’t they be, after all Lithuania is

a Catholic country, unlike the other two Baltic countries. It does not mean that traditional Lithuanian names are out of favor. In fact, many of the Lithuanian names fit the modern day need for brevity while retaining the meaning. Names of wives of Dukes are also fashionable in Lithuania.

For the middle names, Lithuanians use a combination of religious tradition, pagan myth and reverence for historical heroes. The tradition originated in the Soviet Era, and even today more than half of the population retain this tradition.

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20 Lithuanian Girl Names For Your Baby:

Now that you are aware of the history of Lithuanians, it’s time to check out some Lithuanian baby girl names. Many of these names may not easily roll off your tongue, but some of them will surely ring with familiarity. Have a look!

1. Janina:

Janina is originally a Polish name, but it is now common amongst the Lithuanians. Some also associate it with Jane. But we think Janina sounds much better than Jane.

2. Regina:

Regina is one of the traditional saint names in Lithuania. The name was equally popular in the Soviet times as it is now. Regina name has a regal elegance and a charm to it. The meaning of Regina is ‘queen’.

3. Lina:

Lina is a cute sounding Lithuanian name, and it has no English equivalents. It is a feminine form of the name Linas, which comes from the Lithuanian word ‘flax’.

4. Rasa:

Rasa, meaning ‘dew’ is another famous Lithuanian female names. The name has a kind of joyful childishness with it.

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5. Danute:

Danute is one of the classic Lithuanian girls names that have been in use since the 14th century. The name has no certain derivation, but is common in Poland in the form of Danuta.

6. Aldona:

Aldona is another name that has been in usage for centuries. We are not very sure of its origin, but some suggest that it is an archaic Belarusian form of the name Eudocia. We think it will make a beautiful name for your little princess.

7. Ugne:

Names from nature seem to be popular in Lithuania. Ugne is a lovely nature-inspired name, meaning ‘fire’. This succinct Lithuanian name is more familiar as a nickname than a name.

8. Justina:

Justina is a feminine form of Lithuanian name ‘Justinas’. It stems from a Latin word, meaning ‘righteous’. It is a common name but still sounds fresh. The meaning of Justina is ‘fair, just’.

9. Gabija:

Gabija is a Lithuanian name related to the proto-Mongolian word ‘gabi’, which means ‘diligent, careful and skilled’. In Lithuanian mythology, Gabija was the name of the goddess of fire.

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10. Laima:

Laima is another mythology inspired name. It is the name of the goddess of fortune. The meaning of this rhythmic name is ‘luck’.

11. Ona:

Ona is the Lithuanian form of the Greek name ‘Hanna’. The meaning of this short and sweet name is ‘favor, grace’. Even Eugene O Neill chose the name for his daughter. Oona is another variation of this name. We think that the double oo is giving a lot of oomph to it.

12. Egle:

Egle, meaning ‘spruce’, comes from an ancient fairy tale about a woman who marries the king of the snakes inhabiting the sea. The king betrays her and at the end of the story, she turns herself into a spruce tree.

13. Emilija:

Emilija is the feminine form of the name Emil. It comes from the Latin name Aemilius, an old Roman name coming from the word aemulus. Some think Emilija is a variation of Emilio, coming from the word ‘amal’, which means work.

14. Camilla:

Camilla is not exactly a Lithuanian name but is one of the fastest rising names in the country. The meaning of Camilla is of “unblemished character”. Camilla was also a hunter who could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. Cami, Kam, Kamie or Milly will make cute nicknames for this one.

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15. Ieva:

Ieva is just a fancy spelling for Eve. The name comes from the Hebrew word ‘chava’, which means ‘life’. The name has biblical connotations. It was the name of the first woman in the Bible, the mother of all living.

16. Smilte:

Smilte means ‘sandwort’ in the Lithuanian language. It refers to the flowering plants of the genus Arenaria. Smilte is a favorite with celebrity parents.

17. Austeja:

Austeja is a fresh, ‘A’ letter Lithuanian name. Austeja means ‘to leave’ in Lithuanian. It is also the name of the Lithuanian goddess of bees.

18. Roze:

Roze is the Lithuanian form of the Russian name Roza. As the name implies, Roze means ‘rose’. This classic, sweet-smelling name is going through a remarkable revival as both first and middle names.

19. Vitalija:

Vitalija is the Lithuanian form of the Latin name Vitalia. Its meaning is ‘life, vital’. We think that is a lovely, yet unusual name.

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20. Karolina:

Karolina is the feminine form of Carolus and a variation of Carolina. It sounds, romantic, languid and classy. Karolina Herrera, a prominent Venezuelan fashion designer, is a modern bearer if this name.

We liked these popular Lithuanian girl names the most. What about you? Which one have you decided to pick for our baby? Tell us in the comment section.

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