Top 20 Romantic Names For Your Baby

Romantic Names For Your Baby

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Was your child born in the month of February? Are you looking for a unique way to honor your baby’s birth month? We seek true romance when pursuing your library’s shelves. So why don’t you give your munchkin a name that evokes the most powerful human emotion?

Romantic names can never go out of fashion. These names are as familiar today as they were in the 18th and 19th century. Giving your baby a name with a romantic flair will remind you of all your favorite romantic movies, novels and plays. From tragic romantic characters to modern day lovers, here is a list of romantic names to consider for your baby.

Top 10 Romantic Baby Names For Girls:

1. Aurora:

The poetic name Aurora has romantic imagery associated with it. It is the name of the Roman goddess whose tears turned into dew. It was also the name of the Disney princess from “Sleeping Beauty”. The meaning of Aurora is ‘dawn’. This name will surely make your baby feel like a little princess.

2. Chloe:

Chloe is one of the top baby names of the moment. It was popular in the 17th-century Romantic literature and poetry. This pretty springtime name signifies new growth. And how can we not mention the Greek romance “Daphnis and Chloe”?

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3. Angelica:

Angelica is one of the most famous “angelic” baby names. It has deep roots in the classical plays and poetry, including “Romeo and Juliet”. Angelica sounds more delicate than Angelina and more modern that Angela. Another spelling variant of Angelica is Anjelica.

4. Anna:

The name Anna honors the classic romantic novels of all time, “Anna Karenina”. Anna sounds much more stylish than the simple Ann. The name got a fresh lease of life when used for a character in Disney’s “Frozen”.

5. Arabella:

Arabella, combined with its poetic sounds, makes a perfect romantic name. It was once an overused word in romance novels but is not much common now. It is slowly climbing the popularity charts and will soon feature in the Top 100 list. Hopefully!

6. Celestia:

The name Celestia is a heavenly name dripping in femininity. Celestia was very popular in the late 19th century and even made to the top six lists in the 1880s.

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7. Cleopatra:

Cleopatra is an ethereal name with mystical overtones. This ancient name conjures up the image of the most famous love story of all time- “Anthony and Cleopatra”.

8. Lilliana:

Liliana is one of the most exotic flower monikers. It is a Spanish variation of Lily and sounds much better than it. Lilliana seems more appealing because of the three ‘Ls’ in Lilliana, as opposed to two ‘Ls’ in Lily.

9. Rose:

Rose is a very popular middle name for girls. The name reached its peak in the 1990s. It has several romantic references- right from the Valentine’s Day flower to Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic. Rosie will make a cheery nickname for Rose.

10. Maya:

The name Maya carries the vibe of ancient romance with it. Maya Angelou is the name of a famous poet. It also has mythological reference. Maya was the name of Zeus’ mother.

Top 10 Romantic Baby Names For Boys:

1. Roman:

Roman is a close cousin to the fellow romantic name Romeo. The name shot to popularity recently and certainly sounds romantic. The French version of this name is Romaine. Roman is a surprise hit name with parents. Both Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing chose this name for their babies. The name Roman sits pretty at #113.

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2. Rafael:

Rafael is another alluring Latin name. The name has an exotic, romantic appeal to it. Raphael has cross-cultural ties. It is significant for people with both Jewish and Latinate roots. Raphael was one of the seven archangels who attended the throne of God. Another notable namesake is the Renaissance painter Raphael Senzo.

3. Dmitri:

The name sensuous name Dmitri is a variation of the name Demetrius. It is also the name of the Greek God of fertility.

4. Heathcliff:

If you are a fan of classic romantic literature, then you will know why this name has made to the list. Heathcliff was the passionate lover in Emily Bronte’s romance novel “Wuthering Heights”. Heath would be the perfect nickname for this one.

5. Apollo:

Just like Dmitri and Rafael, Apollo also has a romantic quality to it. Apollo was the Greek God of poetry and music. The famous Olympic skater Apollo Anton is one of the most famous bearers of this name.

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6. Eros:

If you want to make your child a bringer of love and romance, then name him Eros. Eros is the God of love in Greek mythology. Your little cherub will surely stand out of the crowd with his romantic moniker.

7. Carl:

Didn’t you love the couple Carl and Ellie from Disney’s film “Up”? The adorable Carl is a symbol of devotion and love. Carl is the German form of the Charles. It is also the variant of Carlos and Carless. The literal meaning of Carl is ‘man’.

8. Edward:

Millions of girls love Edward, the handsome vampire from the Twilight series. In the film, the guy manages to win his love even in the most complicated situations. Edward has Polish roots. It means ‘rich guard’. Edward is also one of the oldest names in the history of England.

9. Jack:

How can we not mention Jack when there is Rose on the list? The name Jack never gets old when it comes to love. Jack is a jargon for the man in Europe. It is most popular in Scotland and Ireland.

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10. Orlando:

Orlando is the name of the lead hero in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. It is the Italian variation of the name Roland. The name means ‘famous throughout the land’. Some famous namesakes include actor Orlando Bloom and athlete Orlando Wooldridge.

These wonderfully sounding most romantic names will surely stand the test of time, as they have until now. Did you name your baby after your favorite romantic character? If yes, then which one did you pick for him? And did you like our list of cute romantic names? Do share your views.

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