20 Beautiful Six-Letter Names For Your Baby

Six-Letter Names For Your Baby

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Is there a tradition in your family to choose six-letter names for children? Are you scouring the baby name list to find a perfect six-letter name for your little star? If you nodded along excitedly, read this post. Here are our picks for 20 of the best six letter baby names for both girls and boys.

Your reasons for keeping a six-letter baby name may vary. Six maybe a lucky number or you wish to relate the number of letters in your little one’s name to the month of his birth. Six letter names fall between long and short names. These names are quirky, strong and easy to pronounce. Also, most of the six letter baby names feature two to three syllables, which make them ideal for a single-syllable last name.

Top 10 Six Letter Girl Names For Your Baby:

1. Amelia:

Amelia is one of the most beautiful Victorian 6 letter girl names. It became a British royal name via the daughters of King George II and King George the III. Amelia is one of the fastest rising names and a popular a

lternative to the overused Amanda and Emilia. It was the top British name in the year 2011 and 2013 and is among the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and Poland.

2. Louisa:

Louisa is a quaint, vintage name. The name illustrates that old-fashioned names sound happening when they come with an ‘a’ ending rather than ‘e’. The name Louisa means ‘renowned warrior’. Louisa May Alcott is the most notable holder of this name. Some variations of Louisa include Lovisa, Ludovica, and Luisa. Lulu, Lu, and Lou will make best nicknames.

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3. Vivian:

Vivian, once an old-fashioned name, is on the rise. It current ranks #98, its highest rank since the year 1950. The name Vivian is famous in literature and legend. It was the name of an enchantress in Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King”. Rosie O’Donnell chose Vivienne, an elaborate version of Vivian for her daughter.

4. Marina:

Marina is a lovely sea-born name. Shakespeare used the name for dramatic effect in his play ‘Pericles’. Marina is an epithet of Venus. A prominent bearer of this name is Marina Abramovic, a Serbian performer.

5. Ramona:

Ramona is another lovely 6-letter name that you can consider for your baby. This Spanish name is a feminine variation of Ramon. It came into prominence through the gorgeous Native American actress. The meaning of Ramon is ‘wise protector’. Children will associate the name with Ramona Quimby, a character in Beverly Clearly books.

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6. Eudora:

Eudora is one of the Hyades in Greek mythology. The Greek name means ‘generous gift’. The pleasant and euphonious name has a strong possibility of revival. In Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”. Eudora is the name of Princess Tiana’s mommy.

7. Chiara:

Chiara is one of the romantic 6 letter girls names, that Italians parents use widely. The correct pronunciation of Chiara is “Kee-aa-rah. The meaning of Chiara is ‘light and bright’. You can also consider Kiara or Keira as a possible alternative.

8. Helena:

Helena is a delicate and dainty version of the name Helen. The name Helena has historical references too. It was the name of the mother of Constantine the Great.

9. Sophia:

Sophia is a winner in the baby names kingdom. The name held the number 1 spot in the United States from 2011 to 2013. Sophia has a sensuous sound and a great meaning. The name appeals to a broad range of parents- from the intellectuals to the traditional to the modern. Several celebrity parents chose Sophia for their babies.

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10. Milena:

Milena, meaning ‘’grace’, is an excellent name from Czech origin. The name holds considerable continental appeal. Did you know that Milena is the full name of renowned actress Mila Kunis? Mila will make the best nickname for this one.