7 Best Toys For Your 6 Months Baby

Toys For Your 6 Months Baby

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Just when you thought all the tiring ‘pregnancy stuff’ was over, your baby is growing fast, and doesn’t just sit still. Growing children love to play and explore, and it is during this time of development that they need to be introduced to constructive skills.

To help you out, we’ve short listed the top 7 toys for 6 month old you could get your hands on for your baby, that will definitely keep him occupied, happy, and will also help him learn.

1. Bright Starts Drop & Giggle:

Bright Starts Drop & Giggle

What could be better than keeping your baby engaged with this cute little ‘drop and giggle’ toy? Watch your baby drop any of the 4 colorful balls through the ‘head’ or ‘hands’ of the cute giraffe, which passes through the translucent mid section and then drops down, activating one of the 12 silly play sound- bound to leave your little one in giggles. This one is among the apt toys for 6 month old

Price: $13.27

Available at:

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2. Baby Einstein Octoplush:

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Does your little baby love cuddles? Baby Einstein Octoplush could be the perfect toy for him. With colorful satin patterns on the ‘legs’ to promote knowledge about colors, and a soft textured body, this plush toy is something your baby will love! Best of all, with every ‘hug,’ your baby will enjoy a soft melody.

Price: $15.21

Available at:

3. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball:

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

With a cute colorful caterpillar featured on the center band of this plastic ball in a soft, flexible material, this toy is another must have for your growing baby. The rolling chime inside the ball helps improve your visual stimulation, and the fun shape of the ball makes it easy for your baby to hold, mould and try modifying it.

Price: $5.59

Available at:

4. Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Smart Phone:

Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Smart Phone

Does your baby love exploring your smartphone? Hate it when he keeps dropping it? Get him his very own smartphone with the same touch based featured that he loves so much. This baby smartphone packs in three learning languages in a cute and smart look, each panel packed with unique sounds.

Price: $36

Available at:

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5. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fishbowl Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fishbowl Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy

Taking your baby along on a trip? This toy will be the perfect travel companion to keep your baby occupied. Four cute and silly sea creatures crafted in soft textured material that jingle and squeak are just perfect to grab your baby’s attention. What’s more, these toys also help improve hand eye co-ordination and motor skills in your baby. The baby toys 6 months are so pretty.

Price: $20

Available at:

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6. Wallcart Baby Kids Colorful Educational Wooden Toy Animal Around Beads Bee Shape:

Wallcart Baby Kids Colorful Educational Wooden Toy Animal Around Beads Bee Shape

Keep your baby busy with this colorful bead game- with multicolored beads in a string, your baby can move the beads around and improve his motor skills. This toy is also one of the best ones to help improve color recognition in your growing baby. These are the best toys for 6 month old.

Price: $7.79

Available at:

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7. Baby Toy – Electronic Musical Rolling Crawl N’ Go Snail – With 5 Pc Activity Stacker:

Baby Toy - Electronic Musical Rolling Crawl N' Go Snail - With 5 Pc Activity Stacker

With no sharp edges and bright colors that catch the eye, the Yookidoo is the perfect companion for your 6 month old baby. Watch your baby enjoy and giggle as this snail spins its shell and moves across the floor with a musical jingle. Infact, this toy will also help encourage movement and crawling.

Price: $27.95

Available at:

These toys will surely help keep your baby happy and occupied, and will also promote his motor skills and aid his development. Make sure you’re there with him while he enjoys his new toys too!

Did you pick up any of these toys we’ve listed? Did your baby love them? Let us know in the comments box below.

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