Top 10 Emu Coloring Pages For Toddlers

A Calm EmuA Grazing EmuA Simple Coloring Sheet Of EmuAn Angry EmuAn Animated EmuE For Emu And ElephantEdward The EmuEmu In The HighlandEmu In The WildEmu, The Second Largest Bird

Are you planning to visit Australia with your family anytime soon? Do you want to teach your child about the unique wildlife of Australia using the play way method? Are you thinking of looking for emu coloring pages all over the internet? Then your search ends right here!

Emu is the largest bird in Australia. In terms of height, it is the second-largest bird in the world after the ostrich. Emus are notorious for stealing food from people’s picnic baskets and barbecue. To keep your child entertained during his vacation, we have compiled a list of ten emu coloring pages. Happy coloring!

1. Emu In The Wild:

Here is a coloring sheet of an emu in the wild. The emu looks furious, so don’t even think of going near its eggs. Did you know that an emu’s eggs could be 9 inches long? That is HUGE! You can easily spot Emus in the Australian hinterland.

2. Emu, The Second Largest Bird:

The coloring page of Emu features a short trivia about this bird. It states that this soft-feathered bird can reach up to 6.2 feet

in height and up to 55 kilograms in weight. It can live for 10 to 20 years. Enlighten your child by sharing these facts with him while he is coloring this page.

3. An Angry Emu:

Why is this emu looking so agitated? We think that it just spotted a predator! Emu is a dangerous bird. It has an incredibly sharp beak and enormous claws that can disembowel a human in a few seconds. The wild bird does not hesitate to attack vans, lorries, cars, and other vehicles.

4. A Grazing Emu:

The coloring page shows an emu grazing in peace. An emu usually feeds on a variety of plants and insects. It also swallows glass shards, stones, and metal pieces! An Emu also drinks large quantities of water. It is opportunistically nomadic and does not hesitate to travel long distances to find food.

5. A Calm Emu:

A calm emu is a rare sight! Do you know how an emu regulates its body temperature on hot days? It pants on hot days to keep its body temperature in check while its lungs work as evaporative coolers.

6. E For Emu And Elephant:

Do you want to teach alphabets to your toddler in a fun way? Then we have the perfect coloring sheet for you! The page here features the letter E in both the upper and lower case along with the images of an elephant and an emu with a nest full of eggs. It offers double the fun, as your child can color two wild creatures at one go!

7. Edward The Emu:

Here is a coloring page of Edward, the emu. He is the eponymous protagonist of the book ‘Edward the Emu’ by Sheena Knowles. The story revolves around Edward, who gets bored of being an Emu. So he tries swimming with the seals, slithering with the snakes and lounging with the lions for a change!

8. A Simple Coloring Sheet Of Emu:

Here is a simple coloring sheet of an emu that focuses on its physical structure. An emu has a grayish-brown plumage that gives it a shaggy appearance. It has a pale blue neck that shows through its sparse feather. The tips and shafts of its feathers are black. A unique feature of its feather is that it has a double rachis that emerges from a single shaft.

9. Emu In The Highland:

The coloring sheet shows an emu admiring the landscape around it. An emu is a flightless bird that runs fast. It has a highly specialized pelvic limb musculature that allows it to run at a high speed. It can travel long distances at a fast trot, and if required, it can even sprint at 31 miles per hour.

10. An Animated Emu:

Here’s is a delightful coloring sheet featuring a cartoon version of an emu. You can see this nasty bird smiling for a change. Tell your child to take utmost advantage of his jovial mood and paint him in vibrant hues.

These emu coloring sheets are a fun activity that your child can do during a rainy day.

Do share your child’s artwork with us.