10 Best Grizzly Bear Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

A Joyful Grizzly BearA Majestic Grizzly Bear Standing On A CliffA Sleepy Grizzly BearBrother BearGrizzly Bear Celebrating His BirthdayGrizzly Bear In AlaskaGrizzly Bear With CubsGrizzly BearKodiak Grizzly BearThe Fierce Predator

Do you want to teach your child about wildlife conservation? Are you looking for coloring pages of threatened or endangered animals? Well, then we would advise you to give him our grizzly bear coloring pages.

Grizzly bear is an endangered species of bears. It is a symbol of American wetland. It gets its name due to the long and dense hair on its head and shoulder, which gives it a ‘grizzled’ appearance. These are just a few facts about this huge brown land mammal. To know more, please go through our grizzly bear coloring pages. We have included some great realistic and animated images of this stately bear.

1. Grizzly Bear:

Here is an incredible coloring page of a Grizzly bear with some interesting facts below. Grizzly bears are large, brown bears living in the river valleys and cool mountain forests of North America. They are around eight feet tall and weigh up to 1500 pounds! The female grizzly bears are smaller in size than their male counterparts. The fur of the grizzly bear ranges in color from br

own to reddish brown and even blonde.

2. A Majestic Grizzly Bear Standing On A Cliff:

Here’s another excellent coloring image of a grizzly bear standing on a cliff. Grizzly bears have a dense fur and close guard hair that turns silver at the tips as they age. They have a huge head and a long muzzle. Like all the grizzly bears, the bear here also has flat feet.

3. The Fierce Predator:

Grizzly bears are fierce predators. They can run up to 35 miles an hour in search of prey! Grizzly bears are omnivores. They eat roots, plants, berries, fish, fungi, large insects and small mammals. Some grizzly bears can eat up to 90 pounds a day!

4. A Sleepy Grizzly Bear:

The grizzly bear looks as if has just awakened from hibernation. Grizzly bears sleep in caves, dens, and hollow logs. Before hibernating, grizzly bears spend much of the autumn season eating to store calories for the harsh winter months.

5. Grizzly Bear Celebrating His Birthday:

It is baby grizzly bear’s birthday, and he is ecstatic to see his presents. He especially loved the football, and there is a tiny teddy bear for him too. Your child can brighten up this coloring page by painting the gifts and present boxes around the baby grizzly bear in vibrant hues. The sheet will help your child fine-tune his motor skills.

6. Kodiak Grizzly Bear:

Here is a coloring page of Kodiak grizzly bear. It inhabits the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago. The Kodiak grizzly bear is the largest bear in the world. The bear may have hair that ranges from blonde to orange in color. The Cubs retain a white ring around the neck for the first couple of years.

7. A Joyful Grizzly Bear:

Here is a delightful coloring image of a jubilant grizzly bear. With the sun shining overhead, this happy-go-lucky grizzly bear is all set to kick-start his day. Have your child celebrate this North American mammal with this fun coloring page.

8. Grizzly Bear In Alaska:

The grizzly bear thrives in the northern inland region of Alaska while the brown bear inhabits the coastal regions of southern Alaska. The page here depicts the huge animal in a pensive mood.

9. Grizzly Bear With Cubs:

Here is a coloring sheet of a mother grizzly bear and her cubs in their natural habitat. Mama bear is very protective of her children. The coloring page is a great way to bond with your child. Enjoy a quiet coloring time with your child and explain the beauty of a mother and child relationship to him.

10. Brother Bear:

Here is a coloring sheet depicting a scene from the film ‘Brother Bear’. It features Kenai with Koda. Kenai is an Inuit boy who fights and kills a bear to avenge his brother’s death. But the spirits, angered by the bear’s death, turn him into a bear as a punishment. The spirits want him to discover the real meaning of goodwill through the bear’s eyes.

Take a print out of all these grizzly bear coloring pages and gift them to your child now! We are sure that he will love coloring them. Don’t forget to share his artwork with us.