Stuttering In Toddlers - Causes & Solutions You Should Be Aware Of

Stuttering In Toddlers

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Are you worried about your kid’s stuttering? Do you fear it could be a lifelong problem? Do you wish to understand why do toddlers stutter and what could be the cause? Do you wish to learn about some solutions to the problem? If these questions are ones that you have asked yourself, it’s time you read our post.

Here we will learn is it normal for toddlers to stutter, what are its causes, and how you can help your young one overcome the problem.

What Is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a commonly occurring speech problem that affects kids and toddlers between two and five years of age. In the case of most toddlers, stuttering is just a natural way to learn the use of particular language to try it out before using it properly. Many toddlers also use it as a medium way before they learn how to form full sentences. Your toddler may be stuttering on and off, and sometimes it can last as long as a few weeks to even a couple of years. In most cases, you will not require any profession

al or medical assistance to help him get over it. As your toddler grows up and interacts with more children and people, the stuttering will eventually go away.

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What Causes Stuttering In Toddlers?

In some cases, however, the stuttering that your toddler experiences may be a longer and even life term condition. As a parent, it is natural for you to feel concerned, especially as you may worry about the consequences he may have to face in a social setting later in life.

Even if he has been stuttering for more than six months or even close to two years, it does not mean the condition will remain chronic. There are many reasons behind your toddler stuttering. Here are some common causes that may cause sudden stuttering in toddlers:

1. A History Of Stuttering In The Family:

  • The role of family history as a definite cause for stuttering is still debatable, but there are certain specialists who believe it does have a link.
  • Specialists who feel that stuttering could occur as a result of a previous family history feel that the same happens due to certain genes that the toddler may inherit.
  • As per medical records, almost 60 percent of all toddlers who have a stuttering condition have someone in the family who has suffered from the same in the past.
  • Medical experts also feel that those toddlers who show problems in the area of language and speech may be more prone to stuttering. (1)

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2. Family Expectations And Overall Parenting Comfort:

  • Some child experts believe that when a toddler develops the condition of stuttering, it is a serious reflection on the family’s dynamics.
  • According to experts, toddlers whose parents have very high expectations of them are mostly known to stutter.
  • The intense pressure of expectations can often cause a lack of self-confidence in toddlers. It can, in turn, result in stuttering. Even if the stuttering starts as a sudden reflex, or if it starts as a result of low self-esteem, it could be a lifelong issue.
  • Those toddlers whose parents are not able to devote enough quality time to their toddlers may also experience stuttering. Similarly, toddlers who have gone through some intense emotional turmoil or trauma, like the separation of parents or a sudden death in the family of a loved one, may also start stuttering.